Graduate Study

Master of Public Health


The Master of Public Health (MPH) in Public Health Nutrition provides interdisciplinary training with a strong grounding in research and evidence-based nutritional sciences and public health.


Earn an MPH while completing RDN training.  You may apply to both MPH and RDN training programs and complete a cohesive curriculum that integrates degree requirements, coursework, and the internship required to become an RDN.

MPH Common Core curriculum.  Enroll in the program to take the MPH Common Core curriculum, available to all MPH students in the School of Public Health.

Faculty. Work with our core, interdisciplinary, and clinical faculty who are recognized as national and international experts in the areas of epidemiology, food systems, health policy, program planning and evaluation, dietetics, and public health nutrition.

Top-ranked School of Public Health.  The program’s location within an accredited School of Public Health lends a systems perspective to our curriculum and teaching philosophy and supports strong linkages with state and local public health agencies and programs.