Current Students

Registering for Courses

Register through MyUW.

Registration dates for each quarter are provided in the University’s academic calendar.

You are able to register for most Food Systems, Nutrition, and Health (NUTR) courses without an entry or faculty code. The only courses that require entry or faculty codes are those with limited space or those requiring signed paperwork: NUTR 532; NUTR 595; NUTR 600/700/800. To receive a code for one of these courses, please submit the appropriate form (below) to

Fieldwork (NUTR 532) and Practicum (NUTR 595)

MPH students register for NUTR 532 and NUTR 595, usually in their second year.

These completed forms must be submitted before you register. You will not receive entry codes without them.

Independent Study (600), Thesis (700), and Dissertation (800)

Thesis, dissertation, or independent study credits require an approved Registration Agreement or Independent Study Registration Form each quarter.

  • Thesis Registration Agreement for 1st year Spring – Please use this form to register for the 1 credit of NUTR 700 that is required in Spring quarter of the 1st year.
  • Independent Study Registration Form – Please use this form to register for:
    • NUTR 600 Independent Study
    • NUTR 700 Thesis (for credits taken after spring quarter of the 1st year)
    • NUTR 800 Dissertation (PhD students may register for NUTR 800 after passing the General Examination and achieving candidacy)

Second-Year GCPD Students

Second-year GCPD students registering for the practice experience in winter, spring and summer quarters follow the registration instructions provided via email by Professional and Continuing Education.

Other Departments

Nutritional Sciences students taking classes through Biostatistics, Epidemiology, Health Services, or other School of Public Health programs should consult the Time Schedule for registration information. If entry codes are required, details for how to obtain them will be provided in the course information.