Undergraduate Study

Declare the Major


Prior to declaring the Food Systems, Nutrition, and Health major, we suggest exploring any of the following first- and second-year courses:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Composition or writing
  • Economics
  • Nutrition
  • Statistics
  • Courses that satisfy the Interdisciplinary Breadth requirement


Food Systems, Nutrition, and Health is a minimum requirement major. All students must complete the following in order to declare the major:

  • 45 college credits with a minimum 2.00 cumulative GPA
  • NUTR 200 Nutrition for Today or equivalent
  • English Composition, 5 credits

Applications are reviewed quarterly to confirm minimum requirements are met and to ensure the degree can be completed within the University’s satisfactory progress policies.

Freshmen and Sophomores must complete course requirements before declaring the major.

Juniors and other students who need to declare a major right away may apply with course requirements in progress. Because of core course sequencing, it is not possible to expedite time to graduation, which typically takes 5 to 6 quarters.


  1. We encourage you to learn more about the major by attending an information session and reading through this website.
  2. Complete the online application and upload transcripts for non-UW courses. The application to declare the major is available 4 weeks prior to the next deadline, which is the third Friday of autumn, winter, spring, and summer quarters.
    • Entry to the major is the quarter immediately following the deadline, except for spring applications, which are for autumn entry.
    • Transfer students must also apply for general admission to the University and abide by the by the UW Office of Admissions’ deadlines: February 15 for summer or autumn quarter and September 1 for winter quarter.
  3. Students are notified about their entry to the major 3-4 weeks after the deadline.