Undergraduate Study

Learning Objectives

Upon satisfactory completion of the BA in Food Systems, Nutrition, and Health, graduates will be able to:

Food Systems

  • Describe multiple food systems
  • Articulate the challenges the world is facing and will encounter in the future with respect to food and nutrition
  • Apply conceptual, theoretical, and technical food systems concepts and knowledge to real-world circumstances and challenges, including designing and evaluating solutions

Nutrition & Health

  • Define social, economic, cultural, and environmental influences on food access and dietary choices
  • Evaluate and predict ways in which complex interactions of components of the food system influence human health and nutrition
  • Demonstrate an understanding of public health

Intellectual & Practical Skills

  • Demonstrate clear and effective oral and written communication through a variety of methods
  • Exercise critical thinking skills, including analysis, design, ethical decision making, future visioning, evaluation, and problem-solving
  • Apply inquiry and analysis (assessment, critique, and reflection) techniques

SPH Competencies