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Aligning Food Systems with Nutrition and Health

It’s official! The theme of our Winter 2018 Nutrition Seminar:

Aligning Food Systems with Nutrition and Health

The challenge of feeding nine billion people in year 2050 is not just about producing sufficient calories. It is about making sure that food systems produce sufficient nutrient-rich foods that are affordable, accessible, culturally appropriate, have low impact on the environment, and have positive impact on health and nutrition outcomes. The current problem, as aptly quoted in the 2017 IFPRI Global Nutrition Report, is that “millions of people have too much of the wrong food, while millions more have too little of the right food”.  Almost every country in the world is facing a malnutrition challenge, in the form of undernutrition, overnutrition, or both.

Building connections between the key components of food systems — nutrition-sensitive agriculture, food production and processing, consumption patterns, nutrition status and population health — is the main theme of this seminar series. This series will bring together leading experts from public and private sectors to address these challenging issues at both global and local levels.

Schedule of speakers available here (last update: 1/19/2018)

The seminar is open to all UW students, faculty and staff.  Students may register for NUTR 400 (SLN 18490, undergraduates) or NUTR 500 (SLN 18495, graduates).

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November 30, 2017