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Nutritional Sciences students recognized for leadership and service 

Congratulations to Nutritional Sciences Program graduate students Jonathan Lara-Arévalo and Paola Maria Bregni Ibarra who were selected for 2023 program awards recognizing excellence in leadership and service.  Recipients are selected by Nutritional Sciences students, staff, and faculty members.   

Jonathan Lara

Jonathan Lara-Arévalo 

Recipient of the 2023 Carrie Cheney Student Leadership Award  

Jonathan Lara-Arévalo, a University of Washington student pursuing the Master of Public Health program in the Nutritional Sciences Program is the 2023 recipient of the Carrie Cheney Student Leadership Award.  

The award was established in memory of Carrie Cheney, a former faculty member who was a leader and mentor for Nutritional Sciences Program students. One student is selected for this annual award based on the nominations from their peers in recognition of demonstrated leadership.  

According to those who nominated him, Jonathan has taken full advantage of opportunities to network and hone his skills and has done impressive research and practicum experience work. 

Jonathan authored an article which was published in INNOVARE Science and Technology which outlines the impacts on food insecurity in Honduras as a result of the Russia and Ukraine conflict, and presents alternatives for short-term resolution. INNOVARE Science and Technology is a scientific journal published in Honduras by the Central American Technological University (UNITEC). 

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Paola Maria Bregni Ibarra

Paola Maria Bregni Ibarra 

Recipient of the 2023 Beverly Winter-Eben Student Service Award 

Paola Maria Bregni Ibarra, a University of Washington student in the Master of Science and RDN training programs is the 2022 recipient of the Beverly Winter-Eben Student Service Award which recognizes students who contribute to the program through meaningful service done in a spirit of caring, concern and generosity.  

The award was established in 2014 in memory of Bev Winter-Eben who served the program as the program manager for 20 years.  

“Paola is incredibly caring, shows genuine concern and generosity, supporting a welcoming environment within her cohorts in the program,” said one of the students who nominated her. 

Another peer highlighted that she has a way of making people feel included and important and always offers up ideas and concepts from her prior experiences that help support the course discussion. 

Paola plans to positively contribute to people’s lives at the individual level working as a clinical dietitian. 

“I have other goals as well which include pursuing academia and research opportunities that will enhance my experience as healthcare practitioner,” she shared in a previously published profile early in the year. 

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May 23, 2023