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Undergraduate student scholarships for 2021-22

Congratulations to the 2021-22 undergraduate scholarship recipients supported by the Food Systems, Nutrition and Health Major Fund, established by dedicated alumni and friends to ensure the Food Systems major thrives in its early years.

This year’s outstanding scholarship recipients were selected for their excellent academic achievement, dedication to community service and extracurricular activities, professional promise, and their ability to overcome challenges. 

 2021-22 Food Systems Student Fund Scholarship Recipients

  • Bella Anegbeode
  • Christina Gonzalez
  • Nathan Lesure
  • Annie Nguyen
  • Erika Reinhardt
  • Aarti Tandon
  • Jesus Untalan
  • Lizzie Zimmerman

These annual awards prioritize support of students from diverse backgrounds and those who have overcome economic and educational disadvantages and/or personal adversity to pursue higher education.

For most students, the scholarship helps offset financial costs of school which helps balance work and studies.

Lizzie Zimmerman, one of the 2021-22 scholarship recipients said, “For most of my education, I worked full-time in addition to attending school. This scholarship helped me complete my education and concentrate on my studies.”

Zimmerman also attributes the scholarship to allowing her time to participate in an internship that I would not have been able to participate in without the additional support. 

Erika Reinhardt, another 2021-22 scholarship recipient, shared how receiving the scholarship helped make finishing her degree more financially accessible.  

“With the financial impacts that COVID had on my family,” said Reinhardt, I was stuck in a tough spot with paying for school. Thankfully, the scholarship came at the right time and helped cover what I could not from out of pocket. I am able to stress less about paying for school as I finish up my last few quarters,” said Reinhardt.

Christina Gonzalez, a UW senior who also received a 2021-22 scholarship said, “The  scholarship helped reinforce my belief that the Food Systems, Nutrition, and Health is the program I am supposed to be in and that other people can see my enthusiasm for food systems,” said Christina Gonzalez, a UW senior.

Annie Nguyen, another 2022 scholarship recipient said the scholarship she received gave her more time to focus on studies and continue my volunteer activities.

She was able to reduce my working hours and spend more time engaging in classwork and assignments. She also had additional time to return to volunteer work at the UW Food Pantry.

UW Food Systems, Nutrition, and Health majors learn to become problem-solvers in implementing meaningful solutions to critical food-related issues such as hunger, food access, food insecurity, the rise of obesity, food waste, worker exploitation, and social justice. 

In addition to the scholarship award helping students financially with the costs of school, students also use scholarship awards to pursue internships or advance causes that are important to them that are related to their studies.

Bella Anegbeode, a UW junior and scholarship recipient used a portion of her award to help promote food security in Washington state for underprivileged communities through her nonprofit organization, Project F.R.E.S.H. 

Support Future Scholarships

Make a gift to the Food Systems, Nutrition, and Health Student Fund on Husky Giving Day, April 7, 2022. 

Your support not only supports an individual student, but helps students make a positive impact on nutrition and health outcomes in public and planetary health in the future.


April 7, 2022