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UW food seminar explores bread in spring 2022 course

Registration is now open for NUTR 390, a 1-credit food seminar course which will focus on the topic of bread for spring quarter 2022.

Bread has long been a staple source of nutrients throughout history, and this spring quarter in NUTR 390, we’ll examine bread from scientific, nutritional, historical, culinary, and cultural perspectives. There are thousands of varieties of flour mixtures. Some are as simple as flour and water and others as complex as the laminated dough in the French croissant. 

Bread may be leavened or unleavened. Leavened bread can be made with yeast and/or bacteria, by acid/base reactions, or by steam. Bread can be produced by boiling, baking, or deep fat frying dough. Whether a flour mixture becomes a dough, or a batter, is dependent on its ratios of liquid to dry ingredients. 

In the course, taught by Anne-Marie Gloster, a food science and culinary expert, you will hear about the history of bread, understand the science behind its essential ingredients, and make a personalized sourdough starter, among other explorations. 

NUTR 390 is a seminar that provides opportunities for students to examine diverse perspectives on current food, culinary, and food system issues from production, processing, and marketing to consumption, nutrition, and health. In addition to seminar lectures, students will have the opportunity to hear from voices in the field, including producers, processors, leading topic experts, and public health professionals.

Join us this spring for a glutinous good time!

Course Details

  • NUTR 390 Food Seminar 
  • 1-credit course
  • Instructor: Anne-Marie Gloster
  • Open to all UW undergraduate students
  • Check seat availability

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March 3, 2022