Caity Robinson

Caity Robinson

Programs:  Master of Public Health and RDN Training
Graduated: 2019
Position: Dietitian and Weight-Inclusive Fitness Instructor
Employer: Prosper Nutrition and Wellness


What is a typical day like for you in your current roles?  

I work primarily with folks with eating disorders/disordered eating but also specialize in sports nutrition and general medical nutrition therapy (MNT) from an anti-diet/fat-positive lens. My day typically consists of one-on-one client sessions and coordinating care with other providers (therapists, doctors, psychiatrists, etc.) I also set aside time each week for continued education and clinical supervision. The supervision piece is really vital in eating disorder work and allows the opportunity for additional perspectives and support.

How has your education at UW prepared you?   

I really appreciated how the UW program gave me the freedom to explore my interests with my practicum and capstone projects. They work with you to make sure you are focused on a topic you truly care about. The program also does a great job of setting you up with individuals/organizations in the area during your internship to help build your network prior to graduation and to help with job security post-graduation.   

Post date: October 5, 2022

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