Research & Practice

A Scoping Review of Consumer Perceptions of Meat Sustainability: A Focus on Animal Welfare and Environmental Impact

Addressing the rising consumer concerns over meat’s sustainability, this thesis aimed to conduct a detailed scoping review to map out over a decade of research on consumer perceptions of meat’s environmental impact and animal welfare, analyzing 512 peer-reviewed articles from 2010 to 2022. The study not only identified regional and methodological variations in research on consumer behavior towards meat animal welfare and environmental impact but also delved into how these research efforts individually address the comprehensive spectrum of consumer behavior, encompassing cognitive, affective, and behavioral dimensions. These findings provide a diagnostic snapshot of current research trends and lay the groundwork for future scholarly inquiries and offers targeted recommendations for researchers and practitioners to refine their approaches to studying consumer interactions with meat sustainability.

Project Type(s): Master's Thesis

Author(s): Cecilia Msogoya

Program(s): Master of Public Health

Year: 2024