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Advancing the 25-Year Vision for Washington’s Food System: Materials for Stakeholder Engagement & Funding Development

Established in 2013, the Washington State Food System Roundtable (Roundtable) is a broad, diverse coalition of public and private partners, united to develop common goals and actions towards a healthy, more coordinated Washington food system. Vision: The Roundtable aspires to build a food system that promotes the health of the people, fosters a sustainable and resilient environment, is economically vibrant and creates a more just and equitable society. The Roundtable serves dual purposes: develop and ensure stewardship of a 25-year vision for the Washington food system, and provide a forum for effective collaboration among Washington food system sectors.

This project’s purpose was to provide technical assistance for funding development and stakeholder engagement, thus advancing the Roundtable’s continued efforts. Deliverables included: an internal case statement, web design and content development, a funding opportunity database, and an executive summary and survey introduction.

Materials Available

Project Type(s): MPH Practicum, PH Concentration Poster

Author(s): Shelly Johnston

Program(s): Master of Public Health, RDN Training

Year: 2016