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Assessing Demographics of United Way King County DoorDash Clients vs. Low-income King County Residents

The United Way of King County (UWKC) partnership with the DoorDash delivery program seeks to fill the gaps in regional food bank services during the Covid-19 pandemic, and better serve populations facing acute and/or chronic food insecurity. The purpose of this analysis, performed as a Capstone project for the University of Washington Nutritional Sciences MS program, is to better understand the demographics of lower-income communities in King County, compare these demographics to those of UWKC DoorDash clients, and identify potential target populations that may be missed through current services.

This project was completed as part of NUTR 596: Nutrition Practice Capstone.

Materials Available

Project Type(s): Master's Capstone

Author(s): Sarah Haack

Program(s): Master of Science, RDN Training

Year: 2021