Research & Practice

Conducting Surveys to Better Understand Urban Garden Contamination Across King County (Soil Health Justice Initiative Team 2)

In collaboration with two other partner teams, these students worked with the Soil Health Justice Initiative, an ongoing research project led by Dr. Melanie Malone that examines soil health contamination in King County community growing spaces. The group helped advertise, administer, and analyze the results of a robust survey seeking to capture how gardeners interact with the soil and food they grow in community gardens to better inform the City of Seattle’s Food Action Plan.

Community Partners: Melanie Malone (UW Bothell School of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences), Britt Johnson (UW School of Environmental and Forest Sciences), and Kristina Chu (SHJI)

Project Type(s): Undergraduate Capstone

Author(s): Tien Chi, Mei-Lin Mina Hung, Yuqing Li, Anna-Maya Sipila

Program(s): Food Systems Major

Year: 2023