Research & Practice

Danny Woo Community Garden Traditional Knowledge Documentation (Danny Woo Community Garden Team 1)

The team created a multilingual booklet documenting traditional knowledge held within the Danny Woo Community Garden. By conducting several interviews with the local gardeners, the team captured information regarding the cultural and ethnic produce grown on site, insight on how to cook with these ingredients, methods for cultivating specific produce, and the sustainability practices implemented around the garden. The booklet aimed to promote food sovereignty and equity within the community while simultaneously expanding accessibility.

Community Partner: KaeLi Deng and Kate Thel, Danny Woo Community Garden

Project Type(s): Undergraduate Capstone

Author(s): Intana Cody Bounma, Rachel Capili, Dailin Li, Rebecca Mendelson, Yixun Lavender Wang

Program(s): Food Systems Major

Year: 2023