Research & Practice

Diabetes Education and Stakeholder Outreach for Immigrant/Refugee Populations in Seattle

Ethnomed provides translation services, cultural mediation, and community expertise for UW Medical Centers in their work with refugee and immigrant communities from five different countries. The organization’s work – which also includes research and project management – places them at the critical nexus of healthcare and the often-overlooked area of public health outreach. The scope of this practicum was to reimagine EthnoMed’s annual diabetes calendars to include culturally relevant educational content most useful to the communities being served. These calendars are resources used in-clinic by diabetes educators and medical interpreters, in addition to serving as Harborview outreach materials at community events throughout Seattle. The calendars are also made available to EthnoMed’s global partners and receive over 500,000 website hits per year by organizations outside the US, especially from healthcare organizations working in the Horn of Africa. This project involved increasing the information density of the organization’s existing calendars; creating new calendars for populations speaking Amharic, Tigrinya, Arabic, and Persian; and developing outreach content to inform patients, providers, and global partners of these diabetes resources.

Community Partner: EthnoMed

Materials Available

Project Type(s): MPH Practicum

Author(s): James Sherrell

Program(s): Master of Public Health

Year: 2023