Research & Practice

Mind the GAP (Good Agricultural Practices): Maximize the food donation potential of the space through crop planning & food safety

Developed a plan for how the UW Tower’s Green Square Garden will grow produce to donate to the UW Food Pantry. The goal is to grow produce year-round to supply the pantry with fresh produce, so that food pantry users have access to fresh produce regardless of what time of year it is.

Community Partners: Meredith Kruger (Coordinator for Food Recovery, UW Pantry); Perry Acworth (UW Farm Manager) & Dannette Lombert (UW Farm Food Security Lead – AmeriCorps)

Project Type(s): Undergraduate Capstone

Author(s): Mia Luna, Erika Reinhardt, Adriel Liau, Hussain Al-Hamad, Avery Kennedy

Program(s): Food Systems Major

Year: 2022