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Nutrition Interventions in Pediatric Intestinal Failure from Short Bowel Syndrome: A Case Report

Intestinal failure from short bowel syndrome is a complex condition that impairs nutrient and fluid absorption. Without appropriate monitoring and treatment, it can result in significant morbidity, organ complications, decreased quality of life, and suppressed growth. Current evidence supports early total parenteral nutrition (TPN), enteral and oral feeds to reduce long-term TPN dependence, and medical nutrition therapy that promotes intestinal adaptation. There is still debate around the use of continuous enteral feeds to promote intestinal adaptation versus prioritizing bolus and oral feeds to mimic physiological function and reduce risk of oral aversion.

Community Partner: Seattle Children’s

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Project Type(s): MNT Concentration Clinical Poster

Author(s): Savannah Stelzer

Program(s): Master of Science, RDN Training

Year: 2023