Research & Practice

Nutrition Training Outreach to RDNs in Under-Resourced WA Counties

The Washington State Children and Youth with Special Healthcare Needs (CYSHCN) Nutrition Network aims to improve access to evidence-based nutrition care for the organization and their families by providing free, specialized training and continuing education to registered dietitians (RDNs) in Washington. This project aimed to identify RDNs in under-resourced Washington state counties interested in participating in free CYSHCN training. Proposed next steps include:

  • Contacting hospital and clinical management in underserved communities to advocate for Network services and training.
  • Expanding the Network’s target audience by reaching out to private practice RDNs and RDNs in neighboring counties.
  • Developing a guide for RDNs on how to become in-network insurance providers.

Materials Available

Project Type(s): MPH Practicum, PH Concentration Poster

Author(s): Kristina Tribley

Program(s): Master of Public Health, RDN Training

Year: 2023