Research & Practice

Scope of Work: Create plan for the 2022 seasonal student worker position(s)

Investigated the scope of labor required for the forthcoming seasons of Spring, Summer, and Autumn at the UW Tower Urban Garden Space in order to develop a plan for the seasonal worker student position. By understanding the amount of hands-on effort required to complete the project, as well as the credentials and experiences that come with this type of job, a comprehensive schedule was created listing thee weekly responsibilities and seasonal expectations.

Community Partners: Kyle McDermott (CSF Outreach Coordinator), Fotima Ibrokhim (CSF Outreach Coordinator)

Project Type(s): Undergraduate Capstone

Author(s): Kyra Bilgic, Lydia Leu, Terry Nguyen, Jessica Ruelas, Aarti Tandon

Program(s): Food Systems Major

Year: 2022