Research & Practice

UW Farm Strategic Goal #2: Deepen Student Understanding of Urban Food Production Systems – Team 2

This project focuses on the UW Farm’s strategic goal of deepening student understanding of urban food production systems. The team concentrated on strengthening the academic side of student engagement by creating two new courses: 1) NUTR 490: Special Topics in Urban Food Production, an introductory course on the topic, and 2) ENVIR 490: Undergraduate Fieldwork, designed for fieldwork experience at urban farms.

Community Partner: Eli Wheat, UW Program on the Environment

Project Type(s): Undergraduate Capstone

Author(s): Weiyi (Jeremey) Shi, Xuecheng (Snow) Yu, Cassadey Porter, Taylor Kesselring (*some members not listed)

Program(s): Food Systems Major

Year: 2023