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Study of Protein Transition and Amino Acids Profile in Malaysia and Indonesia

This study explored aspects of the “protein transition” in two SE Asian countries at different levels of economic development: Malaysia and Indonesia. The study was specifically developed to understand the social aspect of the nutrition transition using qualitative and quantitative methods. Largely based on social sciences, the study will provide valuable additional insight to classical nutritional or economic surveys.  One of the sub-goal of the study was to determine whether amino acid deficiencies or imbalance were present among vulnerable groups.

A mixed-methods approach that combines quantitative surveys of dietary intake with qualitative interviews and focus groups on the nature of dietary choice will be used to collect data on cultural and economic aspects of the “protein transition”. 


Taylor University, Kuala Lumpar


Adam Drewnowski

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Adam Drewnowski, PhD

Anju Aggarwal, PhD, MSc

Shilpi Gupta, PhD, MSc

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Adam Drewnowski