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RDN Training

December 19, 2023

What is North Korean Food?

This project involved the creation of an infographic featuring North Korean foods that are largely unknown to the rest of the world in an effort to diversify the type of information available on North Korean culture, foods, and tradition. Due to a lack of available images and information online, a freelance artist was hired to…

How to increase plant-based meal consumption at UW: a fieldwork experience

Created a short lecture on how to increase student consumption of plant-based offerings at UW in order to help UW meet their Sustainability Action Plan goals. The lecture centers choice architecture-informed techniques to craft a food setting that nudges folks to choose climate friendly, plant-based food. It also looks at how other universities are making…

WSDA 2022-2023 Farm to School Purchasing Grants’ Post-Grant Survey and Purchasing Data Analysis

Analyzed 2022-2023 Farm to School Purchasing Grants’ post-grant survey and purchasing data to produce key impact metrics. These key metrics will be used to report the impact of the 2022-2023 Farm to School Grants to policy makers, stakeholders, and public as an impact infographic that will be released at WSDA website. Community Partner: WA State…

Assessing the Marketing Environment of Online Grocery Retail

Designed a scorecard protocol to evaluate and rank online grocery retailers based on the influence of their marketing practices on accessibility and consumer choice of nutritious foods. Community Partner: Center for Science in the Public Interest

Community Nutrition Outreach with Hunger Intervention Program

Partnered with the Hunger Intervention Program (HIP) to assist in their mission to increase food security for underserved populations in North King County. Provided nutrition education, cooking demonstrations, and nutritious food to children and adults within their local community spaces. Community Partner: Hunger Intervention Program

High Impact Obesity Prevention Standards (HIOPS) in Pennsylvania

Conducted qualitative research to identify the policy-to-practice implications of HIOPS implementation into early childhood education (ECE) licensing regulations in Pennsylvania. Presented findings to Keystone Kids Go, a state level workgroup of multisectoral ECE professionals. Community Partner: Keystone Kids Go

A Taste of the Season: Creating Community Nutrition Education Materials for Seattle’s Refugee and Immigrant Seniors

In partnership with registered dietitians at Tilth Alliance, created culturally tailored nutrition education materials for an in-season vegetable (Swiss Chard) and presented the materials to refugee and immigrant seniors at community centers in Seattle, Washington. Community Partner: Tilth Alliance

Food Security & Sovereignty in Alaska Native Communities

Conducted a literature review exploring papers that document food security and health in Alaska Native communities as well as how agriculture grants and programs do or don’t align with Alaska Native needs and goals around food security. Findings from literature review supported ongoing work to a report on Food Security and Sovereignty in Alaska Native…

Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program (FFVP) Educational Toolkit

The FFVP toolkit will serve as a complementary nutrition education resource for staff, teachers, students, and parents at participating Seattle public schools. It is a compilation of materials that include lesson plans, videos, in-class activities, produce factsheets, and shopping guides for each FFVP produce item served in the 2023-2024 school year. Community Partner: City of…

November 30, 2023

The Basics of Nutrition for Cancer Prevention: A Guide for Patient Populations and Partners Affiliated with the American Cancer Society

Created a concise and informative handout presenting practical and evidence-based information promoting healthy eating habits to individuals with cancer so they – or those caring for them – can make informed choices about their nutrition. The guide will be distributed by the American Cancer Society to their patient population and partners through various channels, including…

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