Supplemental Materials: Availability and Price of Healthy Food in Seattle by Neighborhood Sociodemographic Characteristics

The supplementary materials for the published research study entitled, “Availability and Price of Healthy Food in Seattle by Neighborhood Sociodemographic Characteristics” are posted below. The supplemental materials describe the scoring method for the Seattle Healthy Food Survey (Supplementary Table 1), results from a secondary analysis of healthy food access across neighborhoods with different proportions of Non-Hispanic Black or Hispanic race/ethnicity (Supplementary Table 2), and a map of the Seattle stores in the sample (Supplementary Figure). The purpose of the study was to assess whether in-store availability and prices of healthy foods differ by neighborhood-level income and racial and ethnic composition in a representative sample of food stores in the city of Seattle. The study was part of a larger assessment of healthy food access in Seattle that was required and supported by the City of Seattle’s Sweetened Beverage Tax Ordinance and its evaluation project.

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Publication Date: September 7, 2022

Author(s): Leah Neff Warner, MPH; Lina Pinero Walkinshaw, MPH; Vanessa M. Oddo, PhD; Melissa A. Knox, PhD; Philip M. Hurvitz, PhD; Anita Rocha, MS; Nadine Chan, PhD; Brian E. Saelens, PhD; Jessica C. Jones-Smith, PhD

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